Positive Brand Exposure

By having your company's logo on a busy freeway, you are creating exposure for your brand and company, 24/7, 365 days a year. This helps you stay top of mind. The second tier to the Adopt A Highway Program is that your business is aiding in an environmental outreach program that helps to keep your cities freeways clean.

Community Engagement

By involving yourself in a community driven program, like that of the Adopt A Highway Program, you not only promote your business, you make the community around you aware that you care about the neighborhoods and people you do business with.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Adopt A Highway Program is one of the few of its kind that is inherently CSR driven, as it aligns with each sponsor's commitment to help to promote environmental and social change. This program is a great way to socially engage to create a positive brand image, while creating a long term positive impact to the environment.

Environmental Impact

Adopting a sign with The Adopt the Highway Companies truly brings a long lasting and critical impact to our environment. On average, for each two mile section of freeway sponsored, our company cleans upwards of 25 bags of trash monthly, weighing in at almost 1,000 pounds. That's 6 tons of garbage annually! (Or 6 American Bison, whatever sounds better in your PR Campaign!)

Cost Effective Marketing

Each sign adopted with The Adopt the Highway Companies represents a 2 mile stretch of freeway that we clean monthly. Our company picks up litter and debris, corresponds with the state on your behalf and handles all reporting required to have the sign. Your company enjoys all of these benefits, while still representing itself as a figure in a clean initiative. With all of these services, you are only responsible for a small fee, compared to a traditional billboard.


Adopting a section of freeway can help you set yourself apart from other competitors in your sector. In today's world, and the markets we work in, its never been more important to be environmentally aware and conscious. By adopting a section of freeway, you set yourself apart from the competitor by telling your patrons that you care.

Education and Awareness

Even though the Adopt A Highway Program has been in place for almost 35 years, there is still an abundance of people who are unaware of the program, let alone what it represents and how it works. One of our goals is to educate the public so that they can appreciate, and hopefully participate in the Adopt A Highway Program. With each section of freeway sponsored, we are working towards a cleaner community, state, and environment for all.

Media and PR Opportunities

One of the most alluring aspects of the Adopt A Highway Program in todays market is the opportunity to build a media or PR campaign around the CSR benefits the program has to offer. Adopting a section (or several sections) can help draw new customers into your business. Environmentally conscious customers are growing in numbers as the world becomes more educated and aware of the challenges facing our future. Be a part of the solution, and build your next PR Campaign around the Adopt A Highway Program!


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