Green is the New Gold

Becoming environmentally aware can be one of the largest decisions a company can make in today’s market. Consumers are painfully aware of the challenges and environmental impact our society has on our planet. Listed on this page, are a few of the many benefits that adopting a section of highway can bring. Lets give back to ourselves, our communities, and our future.

Reduction of Litter

Sponsors of the Adopt A Highway Program experience many benefits from litter reduction such as; community pride, improved reputation, regulation compliance, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Environmental Stewardship

Sponsors are given a unique opportunity to invest in the cleanup of their community resulting in a debris and litter free highway. Your participation in this program promotes healthy, safe and clean roadways for all.

Setting a Positive Example

Leading by example within the Adopt A Highway Program goes beyond mere cleanup efforts. Sponsors become beacons of civic responsibility, showcasing the importance of proactive community involvement. Their actions inspire others to join in, fostering pride, environmental awareness, and unity.

Public Health Impact

Adopt A Highway sponsors positively influence public health by promoting cleaner and safer roads. Their dedication to removing litter and maintaining highways reduces accidents. Cleaner roadways contribute to improved air and water quality.

Ecosystem connectivity

The Adopt A Highway Program highlights the sponsor’s role in helping to preserve ecosystems along the highways by keeping roads clean and reducing pollution. Sponsors help protect habitats and wildlife that depend on these ecosystems. This demonstrates how their actions contribute to a healthier environment for communities that rely on it.

Long term preservation

Ensuring the lasting integrity of roadways in the Adopt A Highway Program requires ongoing dedication. This commitment involves regular tasks like clearing litter, managing vegetation, and removing graffiti. By prioritizing long-term preservation, sponsors contribute to sustainability and community safety, preserving these vital routes for generations to come.

Fire Risk Mitigation

In the Adopt A Highway Program, sponsors and sponsors focus on vegetation control in certain areas. These actions can result in wildfire risk reduction near highways.


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