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“Empowering Environmental Sustainability,

Community Engagement and Brand Recognition”

At Adopt The Highway Companies, we excel in providing diligent and thorough litter removal services along the West Coast. Our core expertise lies in efficiently managing the Adopt A Highway Sponsor Program and driving City Cleanup Initiatives. Our mission is simple: To foster a cleaner community and environment, while presenting a dynamic marketing opportunity to our sponsors. By partnering with us, your company demonstrates its commitment to a cleaner future and making a lasting impact in our community. It’s not a sign, it’s a solution.


The Adopt A Highway Branch of our company was founded 30 years ago and is responsible for thousands of clean freeway miles!

Public Works

Providing Litter and debris removal services for cities, events, homeless encampments and government entities.

Corporate Responsibility

Join us as a company looking to make a difference in the lives of the communities we serve!

Environmental Awareness

Join our Adopt A Highway program and make a long-term impact on your community.

About Us

Who We Are

In 1994, a father and three sons recognized a need in our community and created a solution to the growing litter problem on our highways, resulting in the Adopt The Highway Companies. In the beginning, we did the highway litter pickups as a family, while meeting with Caltrans or prospective sponsors when we could find time. Now, with steady measured growth over three decades, our business has developed its market presence throughout California, Arizona and Washington and we have many crews throughout those states.

The Adopt the Highway Companies is a family owned and operated business known for delivering a unique advantage in the litter removal industry. Every month we clean approximately 1200 miles of highway and have over 600 locations in our program. Our headquarters are located in Rocklin, CA, with regional offices in Riverside, Phoenix and Washington. Read More

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    How It Works

    As a sponsor of the Adopt A Highway Program, you’ll be involved in a unique campaign. Your involvement is simple, yet impactful - let us manage the details. It’s simple really, you pick a sign that you like, we handle the rest. Let's partner together to create a lasting impression on our community and our future.

    Sponsor Benefits

    There are many Benefits to both the sponsor and the communities they are helping to maintain. As a patron of the Adopt The Highway Program, you are helping to keep the freeways near your business or city clean.


    Our company was founded in California in 1994 and we have since expanded to Arizona and Washington. No matter where you do business, we are available and willing to help you make a difference.


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