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Who We Are

Now, with steady measured growth over three decades, our business has developed its market presence throughout California, Arizona and Washington and we have many work crews throughout those states. The Adopt The Highway Companies is a family owned and operated business that is well-respected in the litter removal industry. Every month we clean approximately 1200 miles of freeways and have over 600 Adopt a Highway sign locations in our program. Our headquarters are located in Rocklin, CA, with regional offices in Riverside, Phoenix and Washington.

Why Choose us?

In choosing the Adopt the Highway Companies, you will partner with a contractor accountable for providing reliable and responsible service, keeping our highways clean and safe, while creating a unique marketing opportunity for your business. Connect with us as we improve our community, promote clean and safe highways, while forwarding environmental change.

Why Clean Communities Matter

It is important to create a healthy and safe community. Clean communities and highways also attract businesses and visitors to the area, improving the economy. Schools have the opportunity to teach students about being responsible citizens, how to reuse and recycle while taking care of their environment. We are proud to partner with our community to make a difference


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