ARIZONA ADOPT A HIGHWAY Transforming Highways, Sustaining Tomorrow. Adopt a Highway in Arizona Today!

Since its inception in 1999, Arizona Highway Adoption Company has rapidly gained recognition as a expert provider of services under the Adopt A Highway Program across the state. With over two decades of dedicated service, we have solidified our position as a trusted contractor in Arizona’s Adopt A Highway Program, specializing in sponsorship management and littler and debris removal of adopted highway segments. Our expertise extends to a wide range of cleanup tasks, including vegetation control. 

From highways to urban areas, our committed team ensures every project is executed with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. With our local offices based in Tempe, AZ you can rely on us to be there for any job or Adopt A Highway cleanup! Regardless of the task’s complexity, Arizona Highway Adoption Company remains diligent in upholding the cleanliness and safety of Arizona’s roadways.

Arizona Adopt A Highway


"Elevate your brand's visibility and environmental impact by Adopting a Highway in Arizona. Our cleanup services provide a well-maintained stretch of highway, creating positive visual impressions that resonate with the communities you serve. Showcase your commitment to community engagement and contribute to a greener, cleaner tomorrow with the Adopt a Highway Sponsor Program."

On some of the busiest Arizona freeways, daily traffic counts can exceed 250,000 cars (ADOT). If we consider just one person per vehicle, this results in over 7.5 million visual impressions monthly. This represents a significant exposure for your brand!

With each section of highway/freeway adopted you will receive one 24” x 48” recognition panel at the start of your section. This panel will contain a custom designed sign that our design team will put together for you. Ask about our custom signs today!


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