The Adopt A Highway Program is the sole reason our company was founded nearly 30 years ago. This program was founded for environmental and community conscious individuals and business owners that want to make a difference in their communities while enjoying the marketing benefit of having their logo on a busy freeway.

Our company acts as a liaison between the state and these individuals that want to make a difference, but maybe don't have the time or resources to participate in the required cleanups themselves. That's where we come in. We represent your company as a sponsor of the Adopt A Highway Program and handle the details on your behalf, from the cleanups to state correspondence and reporting. We do it all!

With 30 years of demonstrated success, we have gone from a mom and pop freeway cleaning company to one of the West Coast leaders in debris and litter removal. Each month we are responsible for the cleanup of over approximately 1,200 miles of freeway and nearly 800,000 pounds of trash annually - just in our Adopt A Highway sector. This does not include our additional work in the city project sector of our business. We pride ourselves on our standard of work, and hope you enjoy the benefits of the program knowing that you are in very good hands.


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