Adopting a section of highway means that your company, or as an individual, are taking responsibility for providing the necessary litter service for a two (2) mile section of highway. Our job is to provide the litter service on behalf of your organization. We do all the work!

Individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses can adopt a section of the highway. Anyone can Adopt A Highway!

Your business name and logo, name of the individual or group who adopted the section of highway is allowed. In some cases, the city or name of street where the business is located may be permissible. (Ask us about our custom signs!)

Contact The Adopt the Highway Companies regarding availability, we will be happy to find you the perfect sign!

Sign locations range in price, depending on physical location, the number of cleanups, as well as any other state requirements for a particular section. Please contact Adopt the Highway Companies to get accurate monthly fee information.

The signs are different from state to state, however you can regard your sponsor panel as approximately 24"x48" in most cases. Please contact Adopt the Highway Companies to get accurate information regarding dimension and design requirements.




We take care of scheduling the litter service on your behalf and handle any correspondence with Caltrans. Our statewide litter crews also take care of the cleanup/litter service. We do it all!

There are several benefits to the Adopt A Highway Program.  Adopting a highway is a great cause marketing opportunity, in which you get your company logo on a busy freeway, while representing the fact that your company cares about the community and people it does business with. Please visit our Benefits Page to see a full list of sponsor benefits.

Adopt A Highway sign are generally on a first come first serve basis. Please contact The Adopt the Highway Companies to learn about the available highway sections and how you can market your business, and help keep a freeway clean in the community you serve!

Our Adopt A Highway Agreement is generally a two-year commitment.

Due to the permitting process for a new adoption, we usually count on 4-6 weeks to have your sign up and our crews cleaning your section!

The Adopt The Highway Companies of America was founded in 1994. We are one of the largest litter and debris removal companies on the west coast, and clean almost 1200 miles of freeway each month. When you partner with us, you are partnering with a company you can trust.

Do you have questions about the Adopt A Highway Program and the services we offer? Our experienced team is available to help.

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